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    This page presents a list of original contributions to this site by writers on Berlioz and admirers of his works. The list is in alphabetical order of authors, to whom we would like to express our gratitude.

    Other contributions to the site are presented in the Berlioz Bicentenary Special pages, which were created to mark the 200th anniversary of Berlioz’s birth in 2003. See also the Reviews of live performances of Berlioz’ music.

Copyright notice: The contributions are the intellectual property of their respective authors and are subject to UK and International Copyright Laws. All rights of reproduction are reserved.

This page is also available in French

Gerald Abraham A review of the Memoirs of Hector Berlioz, translated and edited by David Cairns
Saturday Review, 15 November 1969
John Ahouse A review of Hector Berlioz: Ein Franzose in Deutschland
[Hector Berlioz: A Frenchman in Germany]
Yoël L. Arbeitman: – French Vocal Berlioz on Record
  The Jewish Question in Weimar Benvenuto Cellini
Jacques Barzun: – Berlioz and the Bard
Saturday Review of Literature, 29 April 1950
A Burst of Berlioz
Saturday Review of Literature, 30 December 1950
Two Fausts
Saturday Review of Literature, 28 June 1951
Neville Blackshaw On board the SeaFrance Berlioz
Thomas F. Bertonneau The "New" Berlioz: Musical High Romanticism in an Age of Technical and Ideological Correctness 
Jeanne Brunereau Une cantatrice saintongeaise: Anne Charton-Demeur (1824-1892), la voix de velours (in French)
David Cairns: – Interview with Sir Colin Davis (2000)
Introducing Benvenuto Cellini
Gramophone, March 1973
Berlioz: a centenary retrospect
The Musical Times, March 1969
Berlioz, Master Musician: A book review 
The Musical Times, May 1967
Berlioz and Colin Davis
The Musical Times, July 1961
Richard Capell Berlioz’s ‘Trojans’
The Musical Times, January 1929
Dominique Catteau Le Grand Opéra et la philosophie française dans la première moitié du XIXe siècle (in French)
David Charlton Brief Observations on Berlioz’s Herminie
David Chirko Across The Alps and Glaciers of Saint Eynard
Margaret Davies The Trojans triumphant at Covent Garden
The Illustrated London News, 27 September 1969
Norman Demuth ‘Benvenuto Cellini’
The Musical Times, April 1967
Pepijn van Doesburg: – A Bibliography of the Memoirs
A Bibliography of Les Grotesques de la Musique
A Bibliography of À Travers Chants
A Bibliography of Les Soirées de l’Orchestre
Raymond E. O. Ella John Ella, musician, born Leicester 1802, died London 1888: His Family History
Christopher Follett The Danish composer Asger Hamerik and Berlioz
Werner Gladines: – De Ontdekking van Berlioz’s ‘Messe Solennelle’ (original Dutch)
The Discovery of Berlioz’s ‘Messe Solennelle’ (English translation by Michel Austin)
La découverte de la ‘Messe Solennelle’ de Berlioz (French translation by Michel Austin)
Robert Henderson
David Harrison
“The Trojans” at the New Theatre, Cardiff, 1987
(Two reviews)
John W. Klein Berlioz’s ‘Béatrice et Bénédict’  
ADAM International Review, 1969
Liliane Lascoux Berlioz and Rossini (in French)
Arnaud Laster and Danièle Gasiglia-Laster À propos d’une chronique de Pierre-René Serna sur La Esmeralda (in French)
Robert Lawrence:– Berlioz and Four Brass Bands
Saturday Review
of Literature, 30 October 1948
A review of Berlioz and the Romantic Century
Saturday Review of Literature, 13 May 1950
“Les Troyens” on Records
Saturday Review Recordings, 29 June 1957
Clarence Lucas Recent Berlioz Revivals
Musical Courier, 1 October 1931
Hugh Macdonald: –  The Completion of the Duo in La Nonne sanglante
Les Troyens at the Théâtre-Lyrique
Berlioz’s orchestration: human or divine? 
The Musical Times, March 1969
The Original ‘Benvenuto Cellini’
The Musical Times, December 1966
Some notes on Berlioz, Liszt & Wagner
Granta, 10 March 1962
Grigory Moiseev Berlioz, Dörffel and Derffel
Musical Courier Berlioz Reconsidered
8 February 1936
Musical Courier Harty, Beecham and Hollenbach conduct Berlioz
28 March 1936; 25 April 1936; 1 May 1954
Ernest Newman Berlioz’s “Troyens” at Covent Garden
Saturday Review Recordings, 29 June 1957
Jean-Jacques Nguyen La symphonie de l’au-delà (introduction in English; main text in French)
Pierre Panet L’Avenue Hector Berlioz (in French)
Kevin Reeves An Evening with Berlioz
(a multi-media presentation)
Pierre-René Serna : – Les mesquineries de Benvenuto Cellini ? (in French)
« Week-end Berlioz 1 » À la Philharmonie de Paris (in French)
  Review in French of: Los Cafés de la Orquesta, by Enrique García Revilla (2016))
  Review in French of: Memorias nouvelles, by Enrique García Revilla (2017)
  Review in French of: Nouvelles lettres de Berlioz, de sa famille, de ses contemporains,
by Peter Bloom et al. (2016) (in French)
  Berlioz transmis en Espagnol (in French)
Hommage à Gerard Mortier (in French)
Berlioz vu de l’autre versant des Pyrénées (in French)
Miguel Marqués : un disciple méconnu de Berlioz ? (in French)
In Memoriam Jean Fournet (in French)
Du côté des dénigreurs de Berlioz : Voyage impromptu dans l’histoire de l’extrême-droite française (in French)
La Esmeralda : un opéra de Victor Hugo, Louise Bertin et... Berlioz ? (in French)
Pour la Petite Histoire: Lettre à Dominique Catteau (in French)
Interview with Sylvain Cambreling (in French)
Excerpts from Berlioz de B à Z (in French)
“La Tabatière d’Habeneck”: Le témoignage de Julien Tiersot
(in French; introduction and commentary by Pierre-René Serna)
Noces d’or ou Noce des fées? Petite polémique à propos d’un essai de jeunesse de Berlioz (in French)
Les Actuels Errements d’Épisode de la vie d’un artiste (in French)
Scores not included in the New Berlioz Edition
The Lice and the Spider
Interview with Sir Colin Davis
Benvenuto Cellini : une ur-version trop ignorée (in French)
The Roman de la momie by Gautier: a neglected source for Les Troyens?
The Misadventures of the Salle du Conservatoire
Julian Rushton Who wrote the Marche hongroise?  
Helen Spills French Art-Song Composers Before Fauré and Debussy: Berlioz —Bizet—Delibes
The Etude Music Magazine, January 1944
Michael Sproule : – Reflections and Impressions of ‘The Damnation of Faust’
  Berlioz and the Movies!
  To Berlioz
  “Les Troyens” - A Timeless Fusion of Myth and Mastery
Monir Tayeb and Michel Austin Review of Le Concierge, Fantaisie dramatique, a play about Berlioz
by Thierry Rousselet
Olivier Teitgen Entente Cordiale – Berlioz dines with Wagner (in French)
Anja-Rosa Thöming Interview with Sir John Eliot Gardiner
Ralph Unterburg: – The dreamed and forgotten again Symphony
Commemorating the 135th anniversary of Berlioz’s death
Homage to Berlioz
John Warrack Colin Davis’s Berlioz
ADAM International Review, 1969
Christian Wasselin : – 900 fois la Fantastique ! (in French)
  À propos des Troyens à l’Opéra de Paris (in French)
  Berlioz au Café (in French)
  À propos de la Grande Messe des morts (in French)
  Une transcription pour orgue de la Symphonie fantastique (in French)
Un philosophe aime Berlioz ! (in French)
In Memoriam Sir Colin (in French)
Les Orages désirés – libretto by Christian Wasselin (in French)
(an opera inspired by Berlioz’s youth)
Un sixième volume de feuilletons (in French)
Messiaen, Berlioz et la nature (in French)
La Esmeralda, comme un parfum d’époque (in French)
Berlioz héros de roman (in French)
2008-2009 : Sir Colin or the eternal comeback (in French)
My debt to Sir Colin ( in French)
Berlioz de B à Z : un voyage en Berliozie (in French)
Speech at the Opéra de Strasbourg in 2006 (in French)
Mary Weber David Cairns and Jacques Barzun
Herbert Weinstock Berlioz in Paris [Review of a ballet performance of Roméo et Juliette]
Saturday Review Recordings, 30 July 1955
W. G. Whittaker Berlioz’s ‘Lelio’: A Strasbourg Performance
The Musical Times, September 1929
Michael Wright: – Berlioz and Anglo-American Criticism
ADAM International Review, 1969
The centenary of Berlioz’s birth in 1903 – a bibliography

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