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    This search function, which is also available in French, enables you to search the entire Hector Berlioz website, with the exception of the archive of performances of Berlioz’s music, the diary of forthcoming performances, and Berlioz’s Writings, each of which have their own separate search engine. The pages Berlioz: Feuilletons – Journal des Débats 1834-1869, and Letters of the composer’s family at the Hector Berlioz Museum are included in the search function for the site as a whole, but also have their own dedicated search engines.

    Each of these search engines highlights every occurrence of search keywords on the relevant page (for this your browser needs to be JavaScript enabled).

    You may use one or more keywords. If you wish to search for an exact combination of words, e.g. Symphonie fantastique, you must enter the words between double quotation marks (e.g. "Symphonie fantastique"). The wildcards * and ? are supported, though they should not be used within double quotes.

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Search function created on 5 May 2009.

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