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    This section presents the complete text in the original French of Berlioz’s Les Soirées de l’Orchestre (1852, 2nd edition 1854), Les Grotesques de la Musique (1859), À Travers Chants (1862) and the Memoirs (1870). It is equipped with an independent search function which covers the four works and is distinct from that for the site as a whole.

Les Soirées de l’Orchestre

    The text reproduced here is substantially that of the second edition of 1854, except that three passages found in the first edition (1852) but omitted in the second have been reinstated here: a paragraph on Spontini in the thirteenth evening, the review of Pigeon vole in the eighteenth, and a sentence on Costa in the second epilogue

Les Grotesques de la Musique

    The text reproduced here is that of the first edition of 1859. Unlike Berlioz’s other literary works Les Grotesques was not divided by the author into separate sections; here the work has been set out in eight consecutive parts prefaced by the Prologue.

A Travers Chants

    The text reproduced here is that of the first edition of 1862.


    The text reproduced here is that of the first edition of 1870.

    Note: while obvious typographical or other errors of the original editions have been corrected, the spelling of Berlioz’s own time has been retained (for example poëte for poète, contre-basse for contrebasse, entr’acte for entracte, rhythme for rythme etc.). The reference in a few footnotes to the editor [note de l’éditeur] refers to Michel Austin.

    See also on this site the excerpts from Berlioz’s Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration.

    For publication details of all the above texts see Berlioz: Musical and Literary Works.

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