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“Enfin on va jouer ma musique”
[At last my music is going to be performed]

Berlioz 3rd century

    The concert pages list forthcoming concerts and operas according to both the countries in which they will be performed, and the dates at which they will be performed. The current page includes the country-based listing; you will find the date-based listings at: Berlioz Performances – classified by date. We would be delighted to include on these pages news/information about the performances of Berlioz’s music in your part of the world.
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We have also created an archive of Berlioz Performances with the starting date of 2003, Berlioz’s bicentenary year.

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Last update: 1 July 2024

* Coronavirus

Due to the global coronavirus emergency numerous public events were cancelled worldwide from March 2020 onwards, including concerts, opera performances and other musical events. In some cases the organisers of such events gave formal notice of the cancellation of particular musical events, but in many others they did not. It will be understood that events that were listed in our concert pages for the months after March 2020 were subject to this uncertainty. In the course of 2021 and 2022 concert and theatre activity has gradually returned to normal.



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Bohmfalk, Pam Booth (North Staffs Symphony Orchestra), John Boydell (Secretary, Philharmonic Society), Gunther Braam, Henri Brenders (Le Chœur et Orchestre Jean-Philippe Dubor), Kai Brodersen, David Brown, Alastair Bruce [Lord Aberdare], Aubry Bryan (tenor, opera singer), Sue Bryant (Wokingham Choral Society), Marcelo Bussiki, Andrew Calow, Benoît Carlier, Patrick Casabonne, Pedro Castillo, Dominique Catteau, Natalia Chernavina, Hallie Clark, John Clark, Brian Clements, Gilles Colombani (Président Association “Baroque en Provence” and Directeur du Festival “d’Art Baroque de Saint-Maximin” et des “Académies Baroques en Provence Verte”), Karen Considine, Andrew Coombs (Bristol Choral Society), Ruth Coombs (Radlett Choral Society), Cynthia Cowan, Peter Craik (Royal Academy of Music), Jeremy Crump, Peter Curbishley, Sasha Curthoys, Katja Deibel, Adriaan Derwig, Tony Dymoke-Bradshaw, Phillip Dangerfield, Jean-Philippe Dartevel, Silviu Deaconescu (Filarmonica Piteşti, Romania), Martine Desablins, Jean-Michel Desai, Julien Di Tommaso (Director of Compagnie Interlude), Graham Dick (member of the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs), Maestro Duilio Dobrin, Elena Dolenko, Márvio dos Anjos, Alan Douglas (Webmaster, Bracknell Choral Society), Ashley Donaldson, Márvio dos Anjos, Jutta Drews, Adeline Ducasse, Scott Duckworth, Gérard Dugelay, Tony Dymoke-Bradshaw, Christoph Engel, Simon Faber (Danish National Symphony Orchestra), Patrick Favre-Tissot-Bonvoisin, Leland Felt (Executive Director, Bucks County Choral Society), Margaret Fenton, Festival Berlioz at La Côte Saint André, Eric Ferrand-N’Kaoua (pianist), Maestro Guillermo Figueroa, Caryn Finhil, Pierre Filliez, Christopher Follett, Ian Franklin, Meg Frantz (Mason Gross School of the Arts), Ella M. Fredrickson (Florida Orchestra), Maestro Léonard Ganvert (conductor, Les Concertsd’Athalie Orchestra), Isabelle Garcia, Peter Geissler, Misoon Ghim, Donald Gibson, Neal Gittleman (Music Director, Dayton Philharmonic), Anne Gobey (Frome Festival), Robert Goldberg, Robert Gordon, Sarah Graham (Publicity Officer, Keele Bach Choir), J. J. Gray III (Call Room Manager, Virginia Symphony), Victor Grieve, Katell Guiziou, Keith Gunnar, Stephen Gutman, Chad Habermehl, Gene Halaburt, Kyle L. Hancock (Dallas Opera Chorus & Dallas Symphony Chorus), Jan Harrington, Derek Harrison (Music Director of Hertford Choral Society), Kevin Henderson, Dominique Hoff (mezzo-soprano), Kate Holland (Marketing Officer, Northern Sinfonia), Professor D K Holoman, Jan van den Hurk, Tamas Jaszay, Kenichi Inagaki, Maestro Felipe Izcaray (music director and conductor, Orquesta Sinfónica de Salta), Rafael Enrique Irizarry (Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico), Daniel Jacopi, Ramon Jacques, Harald Janko, Diana Jefkins, Bruce Johnson, Barbara Jones, Eddie Jones, Eric Jorve, Mark Junkert, David Kay, Cheryl Kempler (Cathedral Choral Society), Oliver Kentish, Gary King, Andy Kirkham (Bearsden Choir), Cédric Kleinklaus (Orchestre de salon Eugénie), Virginia Knight, Toni Kram, Craig Kridel, Krisztina Lami, Maestro Theodore Kuchar (conductor, Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava), Eric de Kuyper, Gianluca La Villa (Teatro Comunale of Ferrara), Will Lardinois, Nicolas Laurencin, Joel Lazar, Yann Le Bras (Absolutamente), Anna Legedza, Louis-Paul Lepaumier, Gilles Lesur, Rachel Levine, Andrej Lipkin (Sidcup Symphony Orchestra), Jakob Lobeck, Rob Lown, Maria Lúcia (Magnificat Choir), Sonia J. Luna, Professor Hugh Macdonald, Daniel Manley, Ian Martinez, Steffen Meder, Adrienne Metzinger (Managing Director, One World Symphony), Jack McFadden, Maestro Pat Miller (conductor, Melbourne), Tony Mitchell, Jean Luc Moggi, Norbert Molina, Hugh M. Monaghan, Barbara Moon (Hayes [Kent] Philharmonic Choir), Ray Moore, Jim Morris, Scott Mortensen, David K. Morton, Barbara Noffke, Melinda O’Neal, Randy Neighbarger, Rosemarie Neumeyer, Anders Nyholm, Raphaël Oleg, Kevin O’Neill, Lewis Orchard, Elisabeth Page, Peter Payne, Alison Palmer, Alain Pâris (conductor), Jim Pearman (Honorary Secretary of the Wyre Forest Symphony Orchestra), A. Peitz (Leipzig Opera), Gillian Perkins (Director of the Cambridge Music Festival), Andy Pesich, James Phan (Chœur Vocalys), David E. 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We are also grateful to our friend Jim Morris for his excellent suggestion concerning the creation of this date-based listing.

The Hector Berlioz Website was created by Monir Tayeb and Michel Austin on 18 July 1997; announcements of forthcoming performances commenced on the Home Page on 18 July 1997; separate pages for Forthcoming performances were created on 27 December 2000.

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