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    This facility allows you to search for forthcoming performances of Berlioz’s music currently listed on this site; there are also separate search functions for the archive of Berlioz performances, Berlioz’s Writings, Berlioz’s Feuilletons for the Journal des Débats, and the site as a whole (the latter is also available in French). Each of these search engines highlights every occurrence of search keywords on the relevant page (for this your browser needs to be JavaScript enabled).

    Berlioz’s works are normally listed with their French title (e.g. Les Troyens, not The Trojans).

    You may use one or more keywords. If you wish to search for an exact combination of words, e.g. Symphonie fantastique, you must enter the words between double quotation marks (e.g. "Symphonie fantastique"). The wildcards * and ? are supported, though they should not be used within double quotes.

    Apostrophes should be used with caution, as they may give incorrect results. Words preceded by an apostrophe (e.g. l’Enfance du Christ) will not be identified if the preceding apostrophe is not included, and the search results will consequently be incomplete. To avoid this the wildcard * should be used in place of the apostrophe (e.g. l*Enfance du Christ but not l’Enfance du Christ), otherwise the relevant words will not be highlighted on the pages where they are found.


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