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On board the SeaFrance Berlioz

Photos by 

Neville Blackshaw

© 2005 Neville Blackshaw

    I sailed from Calais to Dover aboard Seafrance BERLIOZ early in May 2005. She is a fine and fast ship and certainly the most luxurious channel ferry I have used in some 50 odd years of regularly making this passage. (Not to mention the conditions of the voyage in Hector’s time!!)

    Whereas the other boats of the Seafrance channel fleet, i.e. the RODIN, MANET, CEZANNE and RENOIR are decorated internally with reproductions of the works of their respective namesakes, as might be expected, not a note of Hector’s music was to be heard aboard. However, the public areas are enhanced by well-known pictures of Hector and of Henriette and a much enlarged copy of an original score is etched on a large glass screen in one of the bars.

    Here are a few pictures I took during the passage.

[NB. The SeaFrance company was liquidated in 2012, and after formation of another company, MyFerryLink in the same year, the ship SeaFrance Berlioz became part of it and was renamed Berlioz. In February 2016, DFDS Seaways, a new owner of the ship, changed its name to Côtes des Flandres.]














    This picture is courtesy of SeaFrance Company, to whom we are most grateful. It has been scanned by Neville Blackshaw from the front page of a booklet which highlights some of the ‘duty-free’ offers on board the SeaFrance Berlioz. All rights of reproduction are reserved.

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