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“The Trojans” at the New Theatre, Cardiff, in 1987

Two contemporary reviews by

Robert Henderson and David Harrison

 © Robert Henderson 
© David Harrison

In 1987 the Welsh National Opera staged 8 performances of Les Troyens in six British cities. Three of the performances took place at the New Theatre in Cardiff, on 28 February,7, and 14 March. The other performances were in Liverpool (21 March), Birmingham (28 March), Oxford (4 April), Southampton (11 April) and Bristol (18 April). We have a copy of the programme booklet for the first night performance in our collection, which also includes dates and locations of the other 7. In addition, we have in our collection two newspaper cuttings of the reviews of the performances in Cardiff. But we have not been able to establish the exact date of the reviews or the title of the papers from which these cuttings come from, neither have we been able to contact Messrs Henderson and Harrison.

I. Review by Robert Henderson



II. Review by David Harrison



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