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Michael Sproule

© 2014 Michael Sproule

Young heart of morbid restlessness too fierce, 
Though many sharp and potent airs compete,
These reveries will to thy soul’s depth pierce
And rob thee of thy comfort by their heat!
Behold! - a ballroom decked with summer flowers 
As if arrayed for love’s first, tender kiss, 
Where she with thee will whirl the waltzing hours 
Till waltz and love be merged in twofold bliss. 
Too soon the scene decamps to desert field 
Where dew upon each leaf doth languid lay, 
In crystal drop, a chill, nocturnal yield, 
Until thy song with warmth infuse the day. 
What now – a grotesque dance as demons wail 
Before the whiplash of the devil’s tail!

Michael Sproule

We are most grateful to Mr Michael Sproule for his valuable contribution to the site.

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