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3rd century

This page displays engravings, photos and portraits of Berlioz, and those of members of his family and colleagues, friends and other people who were closely associated with him. The album also includes pictures of writers and poets who inspired some of his works, and of composers whose music he admired.

Unless otherwise stated, all the pictures in the Berlioz Photo Album pages have been scanned from engravings, paintings, prints and 19th and early 20th century books and documents in our own collection. All rights reserved.

Copyright notice: The texts, photos, images and musical scores on all pages of this site are covered by UK Law and International Law. All rights of publication or reproduction of this material in any form, including Web page use, are reserved. Their use without our explicit permission is illegal.

Photo Album


1. Portraits and photos painted or taken between early 1830s and late 1860s:






    See also Piano de Berlioz


    1869 – Berlioz’s death mask  

2. Portraits wrongly believed in the past to be of Berlioz  

3. Posthumous portraits:



    A miniature portrait of Berlioz (undated)

    Late 19th century-mid 20th century 



    Between 1950 and 1969

    20th century (undated)







    2009 and 2013 (Paul Helm)

    2013 (Haydn Greenway)

    2013 (Lucie Giglio) 

   2013 (Anasor Ed Searom)

   2014 (Haydn Greenway) 

   2014 (Haydn Greenway) 

   2015 (Haydn Greenway)  

   2015 (Lucie Giglio) 

   2016 (Haydn Greenway) 

   2016 Berlioz art print poster 

   2017 (Haydn Greenway)

Berlioz’s family

    Parental and marital families (grandfather, father, sisters, nieces, brother-in-law, uncle, much loved family house-keeper, first and second wives, son) 

    Portrait of Harriet Smithson (painting by the English portrait painter George Clint)

    Engraving of Berlioz and Harriet Smithson

Friends, acquaintances, colleagues and other people associated with Berlioz

    Friends, acquaintances and others (1) (Humbert Ferrand – a “friend for life”)

    Friends, acquaintances and others (2) (Fornier (Estelle), Moke, Lesueur, Liszt, Sayn-Wittgenstein, Bertin family, de Vigny, Gautier, Viardot, Janin ) 

    Friends, acquaintances and others (3) (Cherubini, Habeneck, Auber, Girard, Bénazet, Charton-Demeur, Stoltz, Sontag, Lind, Fétis)

    Friends, acquaintances and others (4) (Balzac, Paganini, Wagner, Thomas, Carvalho)

    Friends, acquaintances and others (5) (Branchu, Duchesnois, Patti, Vernet [Horace and Louise], Sax)

    Friends, acquaintances and others (6) (Gatayes, Legouvé, d’Ortigue, Saint-Saëns, Sand, Hiller, Heller)

    Friends, acquaintances and others (7) (Hamerik, Joachim, Astruc, David, Hanslick)

    Friends, acquaintances and others (8) (Heine, Deschamps, von Bülow, Griepenkerl)

    Friends and acquaintances in Russia
    (Balakirev, Borodin, Cui, Damcke, Glinka, Lenz, General Lvov, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prince Odoievsky, Rubinstein, Stasov, Tchaikovsky)

    Friends and acquaintances in Marseille and Lyon (Morel, Reyer, Méry, Ritter Alizard, Hainl)

    Friends and acquaintances in London
(Macready, Balfe, Benedict, Bennett, Costa, Davison, Ella, Ernst, Ganz family [Adolph, Moritz, Leopold, Wilhelm], Gye, Hallé, Hogarth, Jarrett, Jullien, Sainton, Silas, Wallace)

Composers, writers and poets whose works Berlioz admired and drew inspiration from

    Composers (1) (Beethoven, Gluck, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Spontini, Weber)

    Composers (2) (Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven – paintings by Haydn Greenway)

    Writers and poets (1) (Virgil, Shakespeare, Byron, Thomas Moore) 

    Writers and poets (2) (Goethe, Schiller, Scott, Hugo)

    Writers and poets (3) (Shakespeare – an acrylic painting by Haydn Greenway) 

Dramatists, playwrights and poets whose works influenced Berlioz’s writing style

      (Aeschylus, Racine, La Fontaine, Molière)

European royalty and nobility associated with Berlioz

    Royalty and nobility (1) (Germany)

    Royalty and nobility (2) (Great Britain, Germany)

    Royalty and nobility (3) (France)

    Royalty and nobility (4) (Russia) 

    Royalty and nobility (5)  (Monaco)

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