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Berlioz Photo Album : Royalty and nobility (4)

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Nicholas I (Nikolai Pavlovich) Emperor of Russia (1796-1855)

Nicholas Pavlovich Romanov, Tsar of Russia was the third son of Emperor Paul I Petrovich Romanov and his second wife, Maria Sophie Feodorovna Von Wurttemberg. The above picture was published on the front page of the Illustrated London News, 10 March 1855 on the occasion of the Tzar’s death on 18 February 1855. Three related articles also appeared in the same issue of the ILN. 

The caption of this 1853 engraving, published in the Illustrated London News of 24 December of that year, reads: The Emperor of Russia, in his droshky (sledge), at St. Petersburg.


Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress of Russia (1798-1860)

Born Princess Charlotte of Prussia, she was Tsar Nicholas Is wife and mother of Tsar Alexander II (see below). The original copy of this painting is in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.


Alexander II (Alexander Nikolaevich) Emperor of Russia  (1818-1881)

Tzar Alexander II Nikolaevich Romanov was the eldest son of Emperor Nicholas I; he came to the throne the day after his father’s death.


Marie Alexandrovna (wife of Alexander II), Empress of Russia (1824-1880)

The original portrait, dated 1857, is in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.


Empress Marie Alexandrovna in 1869

The above picture is courtesy of at:


Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna (1807-1873)

Berlioz made his second visit to Russia at the personal invitation of the Grand Duchess. The above engraving shows the Grand Duchess in 1830.

Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna and her daughter Maria

The original copy of this 1830 oil on canvas painting is in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg. The image reproduced above is courtesy of Olga’s Gallery located at 

Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna in 1862

The original copy of this portrait, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, is in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.


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