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Berlioz Photo Album : Royalty and nobility (5)


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    This page includes portraits of Prince Albert I and of Princess Alice. Prince Albert was dedicated to music, and under his auspices a theatre was built in Monte-Carlo which was inaugurated in 1879. It was at this theatre that the staged version of la Damnation de Faust, devised by Raoul Gunsbourg, the director of the theatre from 1892 to 1951, was first performed on 18 February 1893. It was destined to enjoy considerable success in France and Europe subsequently. A decade later, on the centenary of the birth of the composer in 1903, a monument to Berlioz was built on a terrace overlooking the sea, and inaugurated with much ceremony. For further details and illustrations see the page on Berlioz and Monaco.

Prince Albert I of Monaco (1848-1922)

Prince Slbert
Prince Albert I in 1884

The above photo is courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.


Prince Albert in 1889

The above photo was published in the series Collection Félix Potin.


Prince Albert
Prince Albert in 1902

This photo was published in the Illustrated London News on 10 May 1902, page 677; it is in our collection.


Princess Alice of Monaco (1858-1925)

Princess Alice
Princess Alice of Monaco in 1889

The above photo was published in the series Collection Félix Potin.

    Princess Alice was the wife of Prince Albert I.

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