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Portraits wrongly believed in the past to be of Berlioz

    Unless otherwise stated all pictures on Berlioz Photos pages have been scanned from engravings, paintings, postcards and other publications in our own collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.

    There are some portraits and drawings of Berlioz whose authenticity had not had been questioned in the past, but modern research has thrown serious doubt on their genuineness. This page presents four of these portraits. For further information about the Berlioz portraits of questionable authenticity see the New Berlioz Edition, volume 26, The Portraits of Hector Berlioz, edited by Gunther Braam in collaboration with Richard Macnutt and John Warrack (December 2003). This volume has a supplement section in which 11 such portraits and drawings are discussed in detail.


Anonymous painting

not Berlioz

    A reproduction of this portrait was first published in the programme booklet of the Berlioz Festival of 1994.


Anonymous drawing

not Berlioz

    A reproduction of this drawing was first published in Jacques Barzun,Berlioz and the Romantic Century (Boston, 1950; vol. 2, facing page 278).


Anonymous painting

not Berlioz

© New Berlioz Edition

    A colour reproduction of this portrait was first published in Edward Neill, Nicolò Paganini (Genoa, 1978). It has been reproduced here from page 331 of the NBE, vol. 26.


Painting by Claude-Marie Dubufe

not Berlioz

    This portrait was acquired by the Paris Conservatoire in the early 20th Century and featured in the first of two articles entitled “Le premier portrait de Berlioz” by Julien Tiersot, published on 3 and 10 April 1909. It was also published, among others, on the cover page of a small information booklet of the Hector Berlioz Museum (Édition SAEP, 1991).

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