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Berlioz Photo Album : Royalty and nobility (2)

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Queen Victoria in 1843

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria (1819-1901)


Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Consort in 1843

Prince Albert

Prince Albert (1819-1861)

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the blind King and the Queen of Hanover, were present at the performance of Benvenuto Cellini on Saturday 25 June 1853 at Covent Garden, London, and at the Bonn celebrations mentioned in previous page.

The above two images have been scanned from an 1843 issue of L’Illustration in our own collection.


 Carl Alexander

 Carl Alexander, the Grand-Duke of Saxe-Weimar


Princess Wilhelmine

Princess Wilhelmine Marie Sophie Louise of the Netherlands,
the Grand-Duchess of Saxe-Weimar

The Grand-Duke Carl Friedrich of Saxe-Weimar and his wife Grand-Duchesses Maria Pavlovna were ardent admirers of Berlioz and his music. Their son and successor Grand-Duke Carl Alexander and his wife, pictured above, followed their example with equal fervor. The ducal family repeatedly entertained Berlioz  at their palace and supported and encouraged performances of his music in Weimar, under both Berlioz’s and Liszt’s direction. For full detail of Berlioz’s relationship with Weimar in general and the ducal family in particular see our Berlioz in Weimar page.

The above two images have been scanned from an 1857 issue of the Illustrated London News in our own collection.

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