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Recordings of Berlioz’s music
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    This page is intended to provide a guide to recordings of Berlioz’s music on CD, DVD and film; the listing does not claim to be exhaustive and additions are made from time to time. In using this listing three points should be borne in mind. First, the question of classification: Berlioz’s major works do not always fit easily into traditional categories. In this listing a limited number of broad headings (symphonies, orchestral works etc.) has been used; the placing of a work in one category rather than another is at times arbitrary and purely for convenience. Second, many of the recordings listed below have been issued more than once, with changing catalogue numbers (which may also vary in different countries and thus not be universally valid) and sometimes also changes in the companies distributing the recordings. Third, some works not listed where one might expect them may be found only in the category entitled Compilations and set boxes which is necessarily difficult to organise in a strict way. In general it has seemed best to organise the entries in each category in the first instance according to the date of the original recording, where known. It should be added that not all issues listed may be always available.

    You will find the texts and libretti of the masses, operas, melodies and other vocal works in our Berlioz Libretti pages.


    We would like to express our gratitude to our friend Gene Halaburt for his constructive comments and suggestions on an earlier version of this page, from which it has greatly benefited. We are also grateful to Daniel Achache, John Ahouse, Jean-Pierre Andrivet, Yoel L. Arbeitman, Martin Binks, Pierre-Paul Corsetti, Madame Françoise Courcel (Présidente de l’ Association “Les Amis d’Arthur [Oldham]”, Peter Curbishley, Martha G Dibblee, Christopher Follett, David Gable, John Gunnison-Wiseman, Brian Godfrey, Mike Harkin, Alfred Hartoog, Daniel Jacobi, Harald Janko, David Howitt, Satoshi Konno, Andres Saenz Lara, Maurice Laurence, Jr., Eric Legault, Louie, Andrew Ludasi, Claude Michel, James C Morris, Peter Polhemus, Michel Potok, Jean-Pierre Prat, Leen Roetman, Bob Salvi, Pierre-René Serna, Cyrille Songeur, Dr. Robert Stiefel, John C. Thomas, Michel Verjus, Sue Vernon, Andres Vidal, Martin Walker, Richard Wandel, Christian Wasselin and John Wrzesien for their recommendations.

    We are also most grateful to our friend Alan Underwood for his contribution to the “DVD, Video, Film” section; to Madame Diana-Odile Lestage for sending us a list of films on Berlioz and his music in the “Musique filmée” collection of the Louvre Museum; to Daniel Achache for his valuable contribution to the “Masses and other choral works” section (La Damnation of Faust); Malcolm Walker and Brian Godfrey for “Sir Colin Davis - A Discography”; and to Robert Malone for supplying the photos and information on which the series of pages “Berlioz on CD covers” and “Berlioz on LP covers” listed below are based.

Recordings of Berlioz’s music


Overtures and other orchestral/instrumental works

Masses and other choral works

Operas, melodies and other vocal works


Compilations and set boxes

DVDs, Videos, Films

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Sir Colin Davis - A Discography

Reviews of recordings of music by Berlioz

Berlioz on CD covers (1)
Berlioz on CD covers (2)

Berlioz on CD covers (3)

Berlioz on CD covers (4)

Berlioz on CD covers (5)

Berlioz on CD covers (6)
Berlioz on CD covers (7)
Berlioz on CD covers (8)
Berlioz on CD covers (9)
Berlioz on CD covers (10)
Berlioz on LP covers (1)

Berlioz on LP covers (2)

Berlioz on LP covers (3)

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