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Berlioz-inspired works of art : LP and CD cover designs (10)

© Robert Malone for photos and commentary
All rights of reproduction reserved.

This page presents the photos taken by Mr Robert Malone of LPs and CDs in his personal collection. He holds the copyright for all of them.
Each photo is accompanied by Mr. Malone’s own commentary.

We are most grateful to Mr. Malone for sending us scanned copies of the photos and granting us permission to reproduce them on our site.



Conductor Jean Martinon in a 14-CD box, Nos. 11 & 12 are Symphonie fantastique and Lélio, Orchestre national de l'O.R.T.F., with, in Lélio, Jean Topart (narrator), Charles Burles and Nicolai Gedda (tenors), Jean van Gorp (baritone), Marie-Claire Jamet (harp), Michel Sendrez (piano), and the Choeurs de l'O.R.T.F. Recorded 19-29 Jan. 1973, Salle Wagram, Paris.



Requiem recorded Atlanta Symphony Hall, 10-12 November 1984, Shaw.



Gilles Ragon, tenor; Didier Henry, baritone; Jean-Louis Haguenauer, piano. An extensive collection with several rare items, recorded July 2002 on Maguelone MAG111.133.
1) Sara la Baigneuse, Op. 11, in an arrangement for 2 voices and piano published 1850 by Auguste Morel (a friend of Berlioz), further edited by Charles Malherbe.
2) L'Origine de la Harpe, Op. 2 #7 (collection known as 'Irlande' or 'Neuf mélodies', two items therein written for chorus are not included on this CD)
3) La Belle Voyageuse, Op. 2 #4
4) Petit oiseau, Op. 13 #2 (from collection "Fleurs de Landres", based on same text as 'Le matin', which is the only item from Op. 13 not on this CD; only known recording of this particular song currently available?)
5) Le Coucher du Soleil, Op. 2 #1
6) Le Trébuchet, Op. 13 #3
7) Elégie, Op. 2 #9
8) Le Chant des Bretons, Op. 13 #5 (arrangement from original by ?)
9) Adieu Bessy, Op. 2 #8 (version 2 of 1849?)
10) Chanson à Boire, Op. 2 #5 (version of 1863 for 2 voices)
11) La Mort d'Ophélie, 1842 (later orchestrated for use in 'Triste"
12) Toi qui l'aimas, 1823 (no other recording presently available?)
13) Canon libre à la quinte, 1822
14) Je crois en vous, 1834 (later re-used in Benvenuto Cellini; not presently available on any other recording?)
15) Villanelle, Op. 7 #1 (from Le Nuits d'été)
16) Au Cimetière, Op. 7 #5
17) L'lle inconnue, Op. 7 #6
18) Hélène, Op. 2 #2
19) Le Jeune Pâtre Breton, Op. 13 #4 (arrangement from version with orchestra by ?)



This same cover is already posted on the Berlioz site, but as a photograph of the original LP set. This is a scan of a re-release on CD. Recorded London, July 1973. Colin Davis.



A 3-CD set of live recordings by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Charles Munch- Ravinia. Herein is Symphonie fantastique, live from the Ravinia Festival 5 July 1966; the performance is typical of Munch's way with this music, high powered, wild, and swift with a complete disregard for the observation of repeats. Another live performance of this he made in Budapest the same year is mellower, as is the Orchestre de Paris commercial recording of 1967.



Symphonie fantastique, Benvenuto Cellini Overture, Le carnaval romain Overture; Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg conducted by Alain Lombard; originally on the Erato label, first released on LP about 1973, here on an early CD reissue. Lombard.


1) Symphonie fantastique, Les Musiciens du Louvre conducted by Marc Minkowski; recorded live at the Salle des concerts, Cité de la musique, Paris, Dec. 2002. I believe this is another period instrument ensemble, repeats taken, but no cornets in 'Un bal'.

2) Herminie, Scène lyrique, Aurélia Legay, soprano with Mahler Chamber Orchestra conducted by Marc Minkowski-2. I believe this was originally released by DG, it is here on a budget label Brilliant Classics.



This from a chamber orchestra called "Les Siècles" conducted by François-Xavier Roth; recorded live at La Côte-Saint-André, Berlioz Festival, 30 August 2009; on a French label called Musicales Actes Sud, distributed by Harmonia Mundi. This is a period instrument ensemble, all the repeats are observed, but no cornets in 'Un bal'.

© Unless otherwise stated, Monir Tayeb and Michel Austin. All rights of reproduction reserved.

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