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Berlioz's Third Century


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    On this page you will find reproduced in translation a number of texts by Berlioz concerning his own music. These concern in the first instance the orchestral and instrumental works included in the collection Berlioz Music Scores (symphonies, overtures etc.), but other works as well are included. The excerpts are taken from a variety of sources, especially among his writings the Memoirs, but other sources are used as well. Other passages of a more general kind are also included, as for instance the clear-sighted and objective characterisation of his own musical style by Berlioz in the 1856 postscript of the Memoirs, and a special section is devoted to excerpts from his Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration. A number of texts relating to Berlioz’s predecessors and contemporaries will also be found in the page entitled Berlioz: Predecessors and Contemporaries. The texts have all been translated by Michel Austin from the original French. For ease of reference a list of passages cited from the Memoirs has been included below.

    Available on this site in the original French are also the texts and libretti of Berlioz’s vocal music, and the complete French text of his Soirées de l’Orchestre (1852), Grotesques de la Musique (1859), À Travers Chants (1862), and the posthumous Mémoires (1870). See also the Index of letters of Berlioz cited on this site.

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Contents of this page

Berlioz Memoirs: list of passages cited

Berlioz on his musical education

Berlioz on his musical style

Symphonie Fantastique

Harold in Italy


Benvenuto Cellini (including the Roman Carnival overture)

Romeo and Juliet

Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale

The Damnation of Faust

The Trojans

Beatrice and Benedict

Extracts from the Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration


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