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Berlioz Memoirs: list of passages cited

    This page provides a list of the main passages from Berlioz’s Memoirs that are to be found in translation on this site (the complete French text of the Memoirs is also available separately). Please note that where a passage is reproduced in more than one place reference is given only to the fullest citation.

Passages cited

Chapters 1-4 (complete)

Chapter 6 (extract)

Chapter 13 (extract)

Chapter 16 (extract)

Chapter 26 (extract)

Chapter 31 (extract)

Chapter 35 (extract 1, extract 2)

Chapter 36 (extract 1, extract 2)

Chapter 39 (extract 1, extract 2)

Chapter 41 (extract 1, extract 2, extract 3)

Chapter 45 (extract)

Chapter 46 (complete)

Chapter 47 (extract)

Chapter 48 (extract)

Chapter 49 (extract)

Chapter 50 (complete)

Second visit to Germany, third letter to M. Humbert Ferrand (extract)

Chapter 54 (extract)

Chapter 59 (extract 1, extract 2)

Postscript, 25 May 1856 (extract)

Postface, 1864 (extract 1, extract 2)

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