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3rd century

This page displays scanned images of statues, monuments, and busts of Berlioz from photos, postcards and other documents in our own collection and those which have been sent to us by friends and visitors of the site. With one exception, statues and monuments are listed according to their location, and busts according to the artists who sculpted them. We shall add to the displays as and when we acquire and/or receive new items.

We would be delighted to include on this page under your own name similar items that you may have in your collection. Please email us at our contact address.

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1. Statues and monuments:

Paris and La Côte Saint-André

Grenoble and Nice

Monte-Carlo and Baden-Baden

Homage to Berlioz by Boleslas Biegas 

2. Busts:

Émile Joseph Carlier

Samuel Markitante

Alfred Charles Lenoir 

Jean-Joseph Perraud

Michael Ayrton

Nel van Lith

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