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Berlioz monuments, statues, and busts (2)

Grenoble – Nice

    Unless otherwise stated all pictures on this page have been scanned from photos, postcards and other publications in our collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.

Grenoble – Place Victor Hugo

A. Statue by Urbain Basset, inaugurated on 15 August 1903

Berlioz monument in 1908


    This photo was published in the March 1908 issue of the monthly journal Musica, with a blank background, as part of an article on the influence of Berlioz on contemporary music by Alfred Bruneau. An original copy of this issue, which is devoted entirely to Berlioz, is in our collection. The apparent pattern on the pedestal is due to the poor quality of the original print.

    The 1903 statue was unfortunately dismantled and melted down by the Germans in 1943 when they occupied the city in the course of the 1939-1945 war. A new statue of Berlioz by Claude Grange (below) was erected in its place in 1953. See also Berlioz in Grenoble – the centenary of Berlioz’s birth, with further pictures of this monument in its 1903 and 1953 versions.

B. Statue by Claude Grange, inaugurated in November 1953

    The following photos, taken by Michel Austin in September 2008, show this statue in Place Victor Hugo and on the exact location as that of 1903.

Berlioz monument in 2008








Nice – Jardin Albert Ier


Artist: Henri Blattès

    We are most grateful to Mr Ian Woolf for sending us the above photo, taken by himself.

    See also below two photos, also kindly sent to us by Mr Woolf in March 2014, which show the location of the bust in the Albert Ier Gardens in the past and at present.



    For futher photos of this monument see Berlioz’s Nice in our time elsewhere on this site.

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