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Paris – La Côte Saint-André

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Paris – Square Berlioz (formerly Square Vintimille)

    In March 1884 an article concerning a subscription to raise funds for a monument to Berlioz was published in Le Monde Illustré. The committee in charge of the subscription had in fact already been formed in 1883; it was chaired by Viscount Delaborde, the permanent secretary of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, with Ambroise Thomas, Camille Saint-Saëns and Jules Massenet among the members.

    On 17 October 1886, the statue made by Alfred Lenoir was inaugurated in the Square Vintimille, as reported in L’Univers Illustré, L’Illustration, La France Illustrée, and Le Journal Illustré.

Berlioz Monument c. 1938


    The stamp on this postcard was issued in 1938.

An Italian engraving of the 1886 statue


    The actual size of the engraving is 21cm x 29cm.

    During World War II, Berlioz’s 1886 bronze statue was pulled down by the occupying Nazi army, to be melted for use in the manufacture of arms, a tragedy that those who so lovingly set it up could not have foreseen. Our photo of 2000 below shows the statue which replaced the original one.

    See also on this site the page on Square Berlioz in Paris, with further pictures.

Berlioz Monument in 2000


La Côte Saint-André – Place Hector Berlioz

    This is a replica of the original 1886 statue in Paris. It was inaugurated on 28 September 1890 in a ceremony, the report of which appeared in Grenoble-Revue. See also on this site the page on Place Hector Berlioz in La Côte Saint-André, with further pictures of the monument.

Berlioz Monument in the mid-20th century



Berlioz Monument from behind – ca. 1915


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