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Jean-Joseph Perraud – Michael Ayrton – Nel van Lith

    Unless otherwise stated all pictures on this page have been scanned from photos, postcards and other publications in our collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.

Artist: Jean-Joseph Perraud


    This bust was in the Institut de France in the late 1880s; we do not know whether it is still there. The image has been scanned from Adolphe Jullien, Hector Berlioz, sa vie et ses œuvres (Paris, 1888), in our collection. On the history of this bust see Berlioz and the Americas and the letter CG no. 3279.

Artist: Michael Ayrton

“Berlioz” – 1969


“Berlioz in 1855” – 1968/69


    The above two pictures are courtesy of Michael Ayrton’s book, Berlioz, A Singular Obsession. A Personal Portrait of Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) on the Centenary of His Death (1969, London: British Broadcasting Corporation), a copy of which is in our collection. The originals of all the images are by Michael Ayrton (1921-1975) himself. © Michael Ayrton Estate. All rights of reproduction in any form are reserved. — On Michael Ayrton and Berlioz see also the section Berlioz-inspired works of art, and the page Centenary of Berlioz’s death on 8 March 1969.

Artist: Nel van Lith


    This bronze bust dates from 1985 and is from the Vredenburg concert hall in Utrecht. It is 39cm high. The hall closed in summer of 2007 for a thorough renovation which could last a few years. The above photo was taken by our friend Pepijn van Doesburg shortly before the hall closed. We are most grateful to Pepijn for sending us a copy of the photo.

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