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Berlioz and Germany: friends and acquaintances

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    In the course of his many travels to the German-speaking world between 1842 and 1867 Berlioz had occasion to make contact with numerous musicians and personalities, many but not all of them German, some of whom he became close to. These various individuals are discussed on a number of different pages on this site; the function of this page is to bring together in a single alphabetical table the names of the most important of these, together with links to the page or pages where each of them is dealt with in more detail. It is thus different in its presentation from the companion pages Berlioz and London: friends and acquaintances, Berlioz and Russia: friends and acquaintances and Berlioz and Marseille: friends and acquaintances, where the individuals concerned are dealt with at length on those pages, whereas in the case of Germany the material is presented in different places (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig etc.).

    For the sake of greater completeness the net has been cast wide: not only is Germany interpreted here in a broad sense to include central Europe (Austria, Bohemia, Hungary), but it seemed convenient not to exclude a few names which relate to Berlioz’s travels in Belgium (Fétis, Adolphe Samuel).

Ambros, August Wilhelm: see Prague Griepenkerl, Robert: see Brunswick Mendelssohn, Felix: see Leipzig, London
Bacher, Joseph: see Vienna Guhr, Karl: see Frankfurt Meyerbeer, Giacomo: see Berlin, Meyerbeer
Bénazet, Édouard: see Baden-Baden Hanover, King & Queen of: see Hanover Müller, Karl & brothers: see Brunswick
Bohrer, Anton & family: see Hanover Heller, Stephen: see Pesth, London (friends and acquaintances) Pohl, Richard & Joanna: see Weimar
Bülow, Hans von: see Bülow, Dresden, Weimar Herbeck, Johann von: see Vienna Prussia, King & Queen of: see Berlin
Chélard, Jean-Baptiste: see Weimar Hiller, Ferdinand: see Cologne Reissiger, Karl Gottlieb: see Dresden
Cornelius, Peter: see Weimar Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Prince of: see Hechingen Samuel, Adolphe: see Brussels
David, Ferdinand: see Leipzig Joachim, Joseph: see Hanover Sayn-Wittgenstein, Princess Carolyne: see Liszt, Weimar
Donop, Baron von: see Brunswick Kistner, Julius: see Leipzig Schumann, Robert: see Leipzig
Ernst, Heinrich: see London (friends and acquaintances) Kittl, Johann Friedrich: see Prague Schlösser, Ludwig: see Darmstadt
Fétis, François-Joseph: see Brussels Krebs, Carl: see Dresden, Hamburg Schmidt, Gustav: see Frankfurt
Fischoff, Joseph: see Vienna Lipinski, Karol: see Dresden Tichatschek, Joseph Aloys: see Dresden
Friedland, Ferdinand: see Breslau Liszt, Franz: see Liszt, Weimar Vesque von Püttlingen, Johann: see Vienna
Ganz family: see Berlin, London (friends and acquaintances) Lobe, Johann Christian: see Weimar Wagner, Richard: see Dresden, Wagner
Gotha, Duke of: see Gotha Lüttichau, Baron von: see Dresden Weimar, Ducal family of: see Weimar

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