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Trojan March, arranged by Berlioz from Les Troyens (H 133B)

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    Composed early in 1864, this arrangement by Berlioz of music from Les Troyens (composed for the most part earlier, in 1856-8) was one of his very last works. The main part of the march (bars 1-111) is adapted from the finale to Act I, though in a more condensed form and without the elaborate choral and orchestral forces used in the opera: removed from its original dramatic context, where Cassandra’s prophetic warnings at the front of the stage play such a prominent part, it can therefore only give an incomplete idea of the impact of the music in the original version. The end of the march (bars 112-167) is developed from music in Act V (nos. 43-44 in the full score, from the end of the first part of the Act, when Aeneas resolves to leave Carthage).

Trojan March (duration 4'59")
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