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See also on this site Berlioz and Monaco.

Prince Albert I championed Berlioz in the Principality. See also on this site Royalty and nobility (Monaco).


150th anniversary of première of the Grande Messe des morts – Monaco 1987



All the following stamps and first day covers, except that of Prince Albert, were issued in Monaco on 26 April 1969, to commemorate Berlioz’s death on 8 March 1869.

Berlioz monument





The monument itself was erected in March 1903 to mark the centenary of Berlioz’s birth. At the inauguration ceremony Jules Massenet delivered the main speech

La Damnation de Faust

1. Stamps

Marche Hongroise

Le Cabinet du Dr Faust

La Taverne d’Auerbach

Le Ballet des Sylphes

Menuet des Follets

La Chambre de Marguerite

Forêts et Cavernes

La Course à l’Abîme

Le Ciel

Colour trial for the Menuet des Follets

2. First-day covers

2. 1. Series A





2. 2. Series B





2. 3. Series C






2.4. Three covers from two different series



Cover posted to a private address in Amiens, France

3. First-day issue postcards










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