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Berlioz Cartoon Collection  3 : 1850s

Unless otherwise stated all pictures on this page have been scanned from engravings and other publications in our own collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.

A concert of the Société Philharmonique


Artist: Gustave Doré 
published in Journal pour rire, 27 June 1850

This cartoon was later published in Adolphe Jullien’s book, Hector Berlioz, sa vie et ses œuvres (Paris, 1888, page 213), a copy of which is in our collection.
On the Société Philharmonique of 1850-1851 which was founded and run by Berlioz, see the page devoted to it on this site.



Artist: Félix Tournachon, known as Nadar
 published in Journal pour rire, 18 September 1852 



Artist: Amédée-Charles-Henri, known as Cham
 published in Charivari of 2 December 1855

The caption reads: “M. Berlioz taking advantage of his electric baton to conduct an orchestra whose musicians will be located in all the regions of the globe.”



Artist: Nadar 
published in Journal pour rire, 5 January 1856 

    The caption reads: “M. Berlioz recruiting for his orchestra from the artillery of the garrison . . .”.    


Artist: Cham
published in Charivari, 25 November 1855

The caption reads: “What should have been the composition of the orchestra conducted by M. Berlioz in the hall of the Universal Exhibition”.

“Hector Berlioz”


Artist: Étienne Carjat
published in Le Diogène, 12 February 1857

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