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Berlioz gave a concert here on 8 June 1859 at the invitation of the Société de Sainte Cécile. The concert was the only one that Berlioz gave in Bordeaux

Formerly called the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, it was designed by the architect Victor Louis (1731-1800) and inaugurated on 17 April 1780. In 1991 its interior was restored to its original colours. Today the theatre is home to the Opéra National de Bordeaux.



Hector Berlioz Room – Park-Hotel Erbprinz in Weimar

The German text on this postcard gives the dates of performances of Berlioz’s works in Weimar between 1843 and 1863, conducted either by Berlioz himself or by Liszt. In his visits to Weimar from 1843 to 1863 Berlioz stayed at the Hotel zum Erbprinzen, the predecessor of the Park-Hotel Erbprinz. The original hotel dates back to 1737. It was rebuilt in the 20th century and demolished in 1989. See Berlioz in Weimar for a detailed account of Berlioz and his relationship with Weimar.

New Year Greeting Card – Paris 1969 

This card was issued in 1969, the 100th anniversary of Berlioz’s death, by the Institut de France, of which Berlioz was a member.


Business card of the Café Le Cardinal in Paris


Berlioz would frequently meet up with his friends and colleagues at this Café for meals. See also Café Le Cardinal elsewhere on this site.



Issued by Carnival Casino


Leaflet – Trinity Church, Paris 2001

Berlioz’s funeral was held here on 11 March 1869.

Leaflet – guided tour of La Côte-Saint-André


This advert appeared in the 25 July 1970 issue of the Billboard Magazine, published in the United States.


Air France Musical Menu (cover)


Air France Musical Menu



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