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We are delighted and most grateful to have received as a new year gift from the Hector Berlioz Museum a selection of 12 postcards, 4 book marks, a pen, and a USB card items issued by the Museum in December 2015. This page displays the scanned copies of these items.

All the items depicted in the following pictures are the property of the Museum and part of its rich collection. © Musée Hector-Berlioz. All rights of reproduction reserved.

The Museum in spring of 2015


USB data card

[actual size 8.30cm x 5.30cm]

The caption on the card (reproduction of Berlioz’s own text) is: Je suis né le 11 décembre 1803 à La Côte St andré [I was born on 11 December 1803 at La Côte St andré].


Photographs of Berlioz
from top: by Nadar, Adolphe Braun and Charles Reutlinger


Berlioz in 1846 by Prinzhofer


The room where Berlioz was born


Berlioz’s Erard piano


Berlioz’s Erard piano


Portrait of Harriet Smithson by George Clint

The original portrait was sonated by us to the Musée Hector-Berlioz in 2015.

Inkwell and a letter of Berlioz to his father


Manuscript score


 Cup made by  imperial manufacturer of porcelain in Saint Petersburg;
it was given as a present to Berlioz in 1867 by the Grand Duchess Helene of Russia


Les Troyens
Terracotta made in 1839, by Ary Bitter (1883-1973)


Collection of phonographs


Bookmark (front and back)



Bookmark (front and back)



Bookmark (front and back)



Bookmark (front and back)









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