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We are delighted and most grateful to have received as a new year gift from the Hector Berlioz Museum a selection of 12 postcards issued by the Museum in January 2014. 

This page displays the scanned copies of these postcards, two of which show the garden of the Museum and the rest are some of the items in the rich collection of the Museum. © Musée Hector-Berlioz. All rights of reproduction reserved.

Garden of the Museum at night in 2013


Garden of the Museum in winter of 2013


Matinée chez Liszt – lithograph by Josef Kriehuber, 1847


Photograph, scores, other objects


Concert à mitraille – cartoon by Grandville
published in Le Monde Illlustr
é, 1846


Un concert de la Sociéteé philharmonique au jardin d’hiver
 – drawing by Gustave Doré, engraved by Dumont
published in Journal pour rire, 1850


L’orchestre de Berlioz – cartoon by an unknown artist
lithographed by Paul Guillemin, 1850


Hector Berlioz – portrait-charge by Etienne Cajat, 1863-1864


Original scores and autograph manuscripts by Berlioz


Cosmographe, and the medical dissertation written by Dr Berlioz 


Autograph score and Berlioz’s guitar 


Erard piano purchased by Berlioz in 1858 for his nieces 
[Adele's daughters, Joséphine and Nanci Suat]



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