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Tom S. Wotton

Hector Berlioz

Table of Contents


Chapter One — Introductory

Chapter Two — The Legend

Chapter Three — Technique

Chapter Four — Melody, Form and Programmes

Chapter Five — Orchestration

Chapter Six — The Works

Chapter Seven — The Works (continued)

Chapter Eight — Interpretation and Editions

Chapter Nine — Conclusion




    These pages reproduce the complete text of Tom S. Wotton’s Hector Berlioz (Preface, 9 Chapters, Bibliography, Index). The text was transcribed by us — not scanned — from our copy of the original edition of the work (Oxford and London, 1935). The spelling of the original has been retained, except for the correction of a small number of typographical errors. The musical examples included have also been transcribed by us. The footnotes of the original have been renumbered consecutively within each chapter and included as endnotes. Where the author gives references to specific letters of Berlioz the appropriate reference to the numbered letter in Correspondance générale has been added. Similarly links have been added to particular writings of Berlioz that are referred to in the text and are available on this site (such as his feuilletons for the Journal des Débats or his Mémoires).

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