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Concerts of Jenny Lind in New York


Jenny Lind toured the Americas in 1850-1852; she sailed to America in September 1850, and left for Europe early in winter 1852. Barnum was her manager until early 1851.

The above series of cartoons, taken from a German newspaper, was published in the Musical Courier of 21 December 1929, page 36, a copy of which is in our own collection.

The German text accompanying the cartoons were translated in English by the Courier as follows:

Pictures, left to right, are (upper series): “A rich American on his way, with the necessary funds, to subscribe at the theater for a reserved seat.”
“An American sells his house and wife in order to get money enabling him to attend the Jenny Lind concert.”
“The Americans neither sit nor stand at a performance of Jenny Lind; they kneel before her in prayerful adoration.”
(Lower series) “The Americans fling themselves with enthusiasm upon the notes which gush from the throat of Jenny Lind.”
“The members of the American Congress escort Jenny Lind to her Hotel.” “Mr. Barnum (spelled ‘Barnunn’ in the picture) leads the nigthingale of the north to her nightly refuge. He locks her in a golden cage.

See also 'Départ de Jenny Lind pour l’Amérique' by Berlioz in his feuilleton of 27 August 1850, and the page Berlioz and the Americas.


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