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Berlioz’s Birthplace – La Côte Saint-André

Street and road maps

     The street plan and road map of La Côte Saint-André are from a leaflet published and freely distributed by the Tourist Information Office at La Côte, originally prepared by Les Ateliers L. Palisse. The maps were adapted for this page to assist those of you who might wish to visit La Côte.

Street map of La Côte Saint-André

    The road marked with light blue colour is the Rue de la République, and number 69 is the Musée Hector Berlioz. StA indicates the location of the parish church of Saint-André, and H that of the Halles market.


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Road map of La Côte Saint-André

    La Côte Saint-André can be reached by road from Grenoble and Lyon, which are both on the Paris-Lyon-Grenoble high-speed TGV main line railways. There is also a bus service to La Côte from Grenoble Bus Station (Gare Routière), located next to the Railway Station (Gare SNCF). The bus timetable is available at


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