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Berlioz’s concerts in February 1846

    Berlioz gave two concerts in Pesth in February 1846, on the 15th and the 20th. The illustrations on this page are all taken from the book by Émile Haraszti, Berlioz et la Marche Hongroise (Paris, 1946), a copy of which is in our own collection.

First two pages of the autograph of Berlioz’s Rákóczy March
(original version)
Original version

(Large view)

The autograph is in the Széchenyi National Library in Budapest.

First page of the autograph of Berlioz’s Hungarian March
(Paris version)

(Large view)

This version of the March was included in the score of the Damnation of Faust.

National Theatre poster for the concert on 20 February

(Large view)

Count Gédéon de Ráday
Gédéon de Ráday

Ráday was director of the National Theatre and may have been responsible for inviting Berlioz to give his two concerts in Budapest. This contemporary engraving is based on a portrait by Eybl.

Ferenc Erkel
Ferenc Erkel

Erkel was the conductor at the National Theatre and a composer of distinction in his own right. This contemporary engraving is based on a portrait by Barabás.

Madame Schodel
Madame Schodel

Madame Schodel, ‘a true lyric tragédienne in the school of Madame Branchu’, according to Berlioz (Memoirs), sang the bolero Zaïde at the concert on 20 February (third item in the second of half of the programme, see above). This contemporary engraving is based on a painting by Barabás.

Count Casimir de Batthyány
Count Casimir de Batthyány

Batthyány, the future Foreign Minister of the revolutionary Government of the Republic of Hungary, purchased from Berlioz his score of the Rákóczy March for 200 gold florins.

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