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The centenary of Berlioz’s birth – postcards

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The Centenary Committee Official Edition

The postcards on this page were published in 1903 under the auspices of the Centenary Committee, presided by M. de Beylié, as part of the centenary celebrations. The first seven images of the cards are reproductions of engravings published in Adolphe Jullien’s great biography of Berlioz,  Hector Berlioz, sa vie et ses œuvres (Paris, 1888). 

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Berlioz in 1831
Berlioz 1831


Berlioz in 1839
Berlioz 1839


Berlioz in 1845
Berlioz 1845


Berlioz in 1862
Berlioz 1862


Berlioz in 1867
Berlioz 1867


An 1883 cartoon
Cartoon 1883

The captions in the two sections read:
H. Berlioz — Past
H. Berlioz — Today

Statue of Berlioz in Square Vintimille, Paris
and in La Côte-Saint-André
Square Vintimille


“Statue of Berlioz which will be inaugurated 
in Grenoble, in August 1903”
Grenoble 1903


“La Côte-Saint-André. — The birthplace of Hector Berlioz”
La Côte-Saint-André


“General view of Grenoble, taken from Rabot Fort”


The reverse side of all the above postcards
Reverse of postcards


An 1863 cartoon by Carjat
Cartoon 1863


The reverse side of the above postcard

A commercial edition

The following commemorative postcard, published in 1903, was posted in Grenoble to Voiron, a nearby town in the Isère Department. 


Card 1903

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