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3rd century


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Paintings and lithographs currently presented on this page

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    Many of Berlioz’s masterpieces were inspired by literary works, some of which also inspired many other artists, especially painters. Here is a selection of paintings and lithographs, mostly by artists who lived in Berlioz’s own century. These are presented alongside the titles of Berlioz’s corresponding works, and are divided into four groups, according to their source of inspiration: (1) Shakespeare’s plays, (2) classical mythology, (3) works of other writers and poets, and (4) sacred texts. Elsewhere on this site you will find orchestral excerpts of some of the Berlioz works represented here. They are indicated in the relevant sections of this page.


    We would like to express our gratitude to Davison Art Center for granting us permission to reproduce five lithographs by Eugène Delacroix from their Delacroix Faust series in this section of our site.

    We are most grateful to Madame Chantal Spillemaecker, Conservateur du Musée Hector-Berlioz, for kindly sending us the images displayed on the “Berlioz and Hugo” page.

    We are also most grateful to The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles for granting us permission to reproduce on these pages two paintings of their collection;  the electronic images of these paintings were kindly emailed to us.

Paintings and lithographs currently presented on this page

1. Berlioz and Shakespeare


Romeo and Juliet

King Lear, The Tempest

2. Berlioz and the Classics

The Trojans (1)

The Trojans (2)

The Trojans (3)

Historical and mythical figures

3. Berlioz and other writers and poets

Goethe – Eugène Delacroix Lithographs

Goethe – Other paintings

Byron and Gautier

Victor Hugo

4. Berlioz and sacred texts

Sacred texts

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