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Berlioz's Third Century



This section displays cover pages of first and other major editions of Berlioz’s musical works; the majority of these were published in Berlioz’s lifetime. The publication dates given here conform to D. Kern Holoman’s Catalogue of the Works of Hector Berlioz (1987) [vol. 25 of the New Berlioz Edition, published by Bärenreiter]. 

We intend to add to the collection as and when we acquire further documents or they are made available to us. 

Most of these editions are to be found in a small number of specialist collections which are identified below as follows:

[CH] = Cecil Hopkinson Collection, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh 
[RM] = Richard Macnutt Collection, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris 
[CM] = Conservatoire de Musique, Paris

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Symphonie fantastique – Advance edition, published in 1844 (Paris, Maurice Schlesinger) [CM]

Symphonie fantastique – First edition, published in 1845 (Paris, Maurice Schlesinger) [CH]

Ballet des Ombres, published in 1829 (Maurice Schlesinger, Paris) [from an 1888 book by Adolphe Jullien in our own collection]
All copies are lost, although a copy was recorded in the collection of Vicomte Spoelberch (D.K Holoman, NBE vol. 25, p. 69)

Neuf mélodies – First edition, published in 1830 (Maurice Schlesinger, Paris) [CH]

Neuf mélodies – First edition (variant), published c. 1834, with imprint: au Bureau de la  Société des compositeurs réunis, Paris [CH]

Neuf mélodies – Second edition, published c. 1834 (Catelin et Cie. Editeurs des compositeurs réunis, Paris) [CH]

Neuf mélodies (Irlande) – Third edition, published in 1849 (S. Richault, Paris) [CH]

Grande Messe des morts – First edition, published in 1838 (Maurice Schlesinger, Paris) [RM]

Grande Messe des morts – Second edition, published in 1853 (G. Ricordi, Milan) [CH]

Tristia, published in 1852 (S. Richault, Paris) [CM]

Le Roi des Aulnes, published in 1860 (O. Legouix, Paris) [CH]

Les Troyens

The full score was first printed by Choudens (La Prise de Troie in 1899 and Les Troyens à Carthage in 1885), but never put on sale. The full score was first published in the New Berlioz Edition volumes 2a-c, in 1969 by Bärenreiter.

New Berlioz Edition – general cover page of all the 26 volumes [in our own collection]

Les Troyens – piano and vocal score of the original version (complete opera), privately published in 1862; printed by Thierry Frères, Paris [CM]

Les Troyens (La Prise de Troie) – piano and vocal score, published in 1863 (Choudens, Paris) [CH]

Les Troyens (Les Troyens à Carthage) – piano and vocal score, published in 1863 (Choudens, Paris) [CH]

Les Troyens – piano and vocal score, general title to each of the two separate parts published in 1863 (as above) [CH]

Marche troyenne, full score, printed by Choudens in 1865 [CM]
The Marche troyenne was developed in 1864 by Berlioz from music in the opera for performance as a separate concert piece.

Les Troyens à Carthage – full orchestral score, printed by Choudens in 1885 [CM]

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