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All pictures on this page have been scanned from items in our own collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.


Advert published in L’Illustration in 1930


Advert published in Connaissance des arts in 1990

Close- up


Advert published in L’Illustration, 22 November 1930


Advert published in the January 1922 issue of the Atlantic


Advert published in the 7 January 1922 issue of The Literary Digest

The same text appeared in the Atlantic reproduced above.

A 1931 publicity booklet by His Master’s Voice
(French edition)



Advert published in the Punch of London Charivari
24 March 1926


Another 1920s advert for a Steinway piano


Advert published in the 17 January 1946 issue of Life magazine

The advert is for Farnsworth radios and Farnsworth phonograph-radios. The original painting, by Julio de Diego, is the artist’s interpretation of the Symphonie fantastique.
See also Berlioz-inspired Arts page.

Scottish Chamber Orchestra poster published in 2011

actual size: 42cm x 30cm

The background image for this poster was provided by us at the request of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, it was also later used as the cover image of the CD of the live recording of Symphonie fantastique.


A 1955 advert


Advert published in the New Yorker in 1953


Advert published in Life magazine on 29 October 1945



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