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Berlioz and Liszt

All pictures on this page have been scanned from items in our own collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.

The story of the close friendship between Berlioz and Liszt, which lasted from 1830 to 1866, is related in the Berlioz and Liszt page. See also Berlioz in Weimar.

– Stamps issued in 2011 to mark Liszt’s bicentenary 






– Stamp issued in Luxembourg

– Michel Briefmarken Deutschland Catalogue numbers 857 to 860

These stamps were issued on 23 November 1961 in what was at the time the German Democratic Republic (GDR), also known as East Germany.

Liszt and Berlioz

Liszt and Chopin


Liszt’s hand


First day cover


First day cover


First day cover


Letter posted on 23 November 1961



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