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Berlioz’s Birthplace – La Côte Saint-André

La Frette

    La Frette is a small town in the Department of Isère, about 9 km from La Côte-Saint-André, on the way from Lyon to Grenoble.

    In Berlioz’s time La Frette was the nearest stage coach stop to La Côte coming from Lyon. During a visit to Lyon in July 1845 where he was giving concerts Berlioz made a trip on the 9th to visit his father in La Côte. A letter of his to his sister Nanci is extant in which Berlioz mentions his passing through the town; in a postscript to the letter he writes:

It would be very kind of Camille [Camille Pal, Nanci’s husband] if he could send me some vehicle to bring me from la Frète to Côte; otherwise I will make the journey on foot despite the sun. 

(Correspondance générale no. 975, dated 7 July 1845, from Lyon)

La Frette ca. 1907


[Large view]

This postcard shows the Place de la Mairie, Route de Lyon; it is in our own collection.

La Frette in the early 20th century


[Large view]

This postcard, also from our collection, shows La Place, Route de la Côte Saint-André.

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