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    To commemorate the bicentenary of Berlioz’s birth in 2003 we devised a screen saver based on pictures and portraits of Berlioz and his family.  The screen saver is available both in an English and in a French version, and may be downloaded from this page and installed on your personal computer.

    The pictures and portraits are derived from images in our own collection displayed elsewhere on this site: 10 of Berlioz himself ranging from 1832 to 1867, and one each of his father, his sisters Nanci Pal and Adèle Suat, his son Louis, Estelle Fornier, Harriet Smithson, Camille Moke, and Marie Recio (18 pictures in all).

Copyright notice: The screen saver is strictly for personal use, and is copyrighted together with all the pictures and images in it.

Technical information and instructions for downloading 

    The file is in the standard Windows screen saver (*.scr) format (berlioz.scr for the English version, hberlioz.scr for the French version). Please note that this screen saver therefore works only on computers equipped with the Windows operating system (all versions from Windows 95 onwards).

    The screen saver was devised using the Coronet font; if you do not have it installed on your computer, the captions will be displayed using your default Windows font. If you wish to use the Coronet font, it may be downloaded from the link below and should then be installed in the Windows font folder.

      To download the screen saver right-click on the appropriate link below and save the file in a temporary folder on your computer. Copy this file into your Windows folder, and the screen saver should then appear in the list of available screen savers where you can select it and determine your own settings.

    Berlioz screen saver (English version; file size 1.75 MB)

    Berlioz screen saver (French version; file size 1.74 MB)

    Coronet font (for use with this screen saver; file size 83K)

This page was created by Michel Austin and Monir Tayeb on 7 December 2003.

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