Berlioz: Literary texts on CD with built-in search functions

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We have created a searchable CD which comprises the full text in the original French of Berlioz’s major literary works, as reproduced on this site  — the Soirées de l’Orchestre (2nd ed. 1854), Grotesques de la Musique (1859), A Travers Chants (1862) and the posthumous Memoirs (1870). The CD includes also the bibliographies of all four works drawn up by Pepijn van Doesburg. To our certain knowledge, this is the first CD of its kind created for Berlioz.

The CD is equipped with more elaborate search functions than is available for the online version of the texts. They enable the user to search the works either individually or as a single group, using one or more keywords (all words of at least two characters are fully indexed). The search engine used is the same as for the site as a whole, the Concert Archive Search and the Concert Listing Search; it makes similar use of highlights for keywords, both in the results page and in the relevant texts it points to. Except for the bibliographies the CD is in French. You may view here a reproduction of the splash screen and Home Page of the CD (the links on the latter are of course not active, except for those at the bottom of the page).

The CD is available in two versions, one for Windows only (Windows 98SE and above), the other for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, though the latter requires observing a simple exit routine to quit, whereas with the former it is enough to close your browser to terminate the programme.

The CD is available for purchase by interested viewers at cost price (to cover blank CDs, jewel cases, labels, packaging and postage). If you would like to obtain a copy please write to us at: 

This page was created on 1 February 2006.

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