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01/01/2000: Berlioz Scores page created, with

Ballet des Sylphes, from La Damnation de Faust, Part II [revised 31/08/2001]
Trio for 2 flutes & harp, from L’Enfance du Christ, Part III [revised 04/09/2001]
Funeral March for the last scene of Hamlet
from Tristia, no.3 [revised 06/01/2001 and 04/01/2004]
Te Deum, Prelude (3rd movement) [revised 22/07/2001]

Subsequent additions:

07/01/2000: Combat de ceste, from Les Troyens, Act I [revised 06/08/2001]

23/01/2000: Te Deum, March for the presentation of the colours (8th movement) [revised 29/08/2001]

31/01/2000: Overture to Part II of L’Enfance du Christ [revised 29/11/2001] and Orchestral introduction to Le Repos de la Sainte Famille, from Part II of L’Enfance du Christ [revised 29/11/2001]

22/02/2000: Overture: Le Corsaire [revised 14/09/2001]

07/03/2000: Hungarian March, from La Damnation de Faust, Part I [revised 12/10/2001]

24/03/2000: Symphonie Fantastique, second movement [revised 20/11/2001]

30/03/2000: Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, second movement [revised 11/11/2001]

12/04/2000: Trojan March (concert version) [revised 10/07/2001]

26/04/2000: 3 pieces for Alexandre’s melodium organ [revised 22/10/2001]

03/05/2000: Dance of the sooth-sayers from L’Enfance du Christ, Part I [revised 29/11/2001]

09/05/2000: Sicilienne, from Béatrice et Bénédict [revised 25/11/2001]

28/05/2000: Harold in Italy, first movement [revised 5/12/2001]

11/06/2000: Overture: Le Carnaval romain [revised 18/09/2001]

27/06/2000: Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, first movement [revised 03/11/2001]

10/07/2000: Overture to Béatrice et Bénédict [revised 25/11/2001]

18/07/2000: Rêverie et caprice, Romance for violin and orchestra [revised 11/12/2001]

27/07/2000: Harold in Italy, second movement [revised 23/12/2001]

08/08/2000: Symphonie Fantastique, first movement [revised 20/11/2001]

30/08/2000: La harpe éolienne and end of Chant de bonheur from Lélio ou le retour à la vie [revised 23/12/2001]

11/09/2000: Menuet des Follets, from La Damnation de Faust, Part III [revised 23/12/2001]

26/09/2000: Overture: King Lear [revised 23/12/2001]

08/10/2000: Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, third movement (without strings and chorus) [revised 11/11/2001]

12/10/2000: Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale, third movement (with strings and chorus) [revised 23/12/2001]

26/10/2000: Royal Hunt and Storm, from Les Troyens [revised 11/12/2001]

07/11/2000: Symphonie Fantastique, third movement

12/11/2000: Harold en Italie, third movement

24/11/2000: Marche nocturne, from Part I of L’Enfance du Christ

11/12/2000: Overture: Waverley [revised 23/12/2001]

18/12/2000:  Symphonie Fantastique, fourth movement

01/1/2001: Harold en Italie, fourth movement

24/01/2001: Overture: Les Francs Juges [revised 11/12/2001]

09/02/2001: Symphonie Fantastique, fifth movement

28/02/2001: Romeo and Juliet IV: Queen Mab Scherzo [revised 11/12/2001]

06/03/2001: Prelude to Act III of Les Troyens

20/03/2001: Act II Scene I of Les Troyens

13/04/2001: Romeo and Juliet III: Love scene

27/04/2001: 3 ballets from Les Troyens Act IV

13/05/2001: Romeo and Juliet II: Romeo alone – Festivities at the Capulets

06/06/2001: Overture: Benvenuto Cellini

15/06/2001: Romeo and Juliet VI: Romeo at the tomb of the Capulets

02/07/2001: Romeo and Juliet I: Introduction

03/08/2001: Overture: Rob Roy

25/09/2001: Weber, Invitation to the Dance (op. 65), orchestrated by Berlioz

09/10/2001: Creation of the page Berlioz Music Scores: Texts and Documents

10/10/2001: Weber, Invitation to the Dance (op. 65), original version for piano

2/11/2001: Creation of the page Extracts from the Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration

20/11/2001: Symphonie Fantastique, second movement, version with solo cornet

29/12/2001: 3 entrances from Act III of Les Troyens

01/01/2002: Trojan March in the minor key from Act III of Les Troyens

14/03/2002: Fugue for the Prix de Rome competition (1829)

16/06/2007: Marche d’Isly (Léopold de Meyer; orchestration by Berlioz [?]); Chant des Chérubins and Pater Noster (Bortniansky; arrangement by Berlioz [?]); Valse chantée par le vent dans les cheminées d’un de mes châteaux en Espagne

25/06/2008: Marche d’Isly, original version for piano by Léopold de Meyer

01/10/2021: Revision and enlargement of the pages Overture: Les Francs-Juges; Overture: Waverley; and Fugue for the Prix de Rome competition (1829)

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