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Berlioz: Predecessors and Contemporaries

Summary history of this section

11/12/2002: Berlioz: Predecessors and Contemporaries page created, with

Pages on Berlioz and Gluck, Berlioz and Halévy, Berlioz and Spontini, Berlioz and Weber

Gluck, Orphée Act II Ballet 2 (Pantomime – flute solo)
Halévy, orchestral ritornello to Eléazar’s aria, from Act IV of La Juive
Spontini, La Vestale, Act I Ballets 1-3
Weber, Overture Der Freischütz

Subsequent additions:

18/12/2002: Gluck, Iphigénie en Tauride Act I, Ballet

25/12/2002: Weber, Overture Oberon

1/01/2003: Spontini, Overture La Vestale

12/01/2003: Page on Berlioz and Beethoven; Beethoven, 4th Symphony, 2nd movement

23/01/2003: Gluck, Alceste Act I, Pantomime; Orphée Act I, Ballet (Funeral Rites); Act I, Ritournelle; Act II, Dance of the Furies (1) and (2); Act II, Ballet 1 (Dance of the Blessed Spirits); Act II, Ballet 3; Act II, Dance of the Heroes

1/02/2003: Weber, Oberon Act II, Ballet; Act III, March

7/02/2003: Beethoven, 3rd Symphony (Eroica), 3rd movement

14/02/2003: Beethoven, 5th Symphony, 1st movement

22/02/2003: Weber, Der Freischütz, Act I Waltz; Entr’acte to Act III

2/03/2003: Gluck, Overture Armide

18/03/2003: Page on Berlioz and Méhul; Méhul, Overture La Chasse du Jeune Henri

1/04/2003: Beethoven, 6th Symphony (Pastoral), 3rd and 4th movements

13/04/2003: Gluck, Armide Act III Dance of Hate (1); Act V Sicilienne

1/05/2003: Beethoven, 7th Symphony, 2nd movement

13/05/2003: Spontini, La Vestale, Act II Scene 2 (ritornello)

27/05/2003: Page on Berlioz and Meyerbeer; Overture and introduction to Les Huguenots

13/06/2003: Meyerbeer, Les Huguenots, Act III Danse Bohémienne; Act V Trio (excerpt)

30/06/2003: Meyerbeer, Les Huguenots, Act V Entr’acte and Ballet

8/07/2003: Beethoven, 5th Piano concerto, 2nd movement

19/07/2003: Gluck, Iphigénie en Tauride Act I Scene 1 (excerpt); Meyerbeer, Robert le Diable Act III (2 excerpts)

3/08/2003: Beethoven, 3rd Symphony (Eroica), 4th movement

15/08/2003: Beethoven, 5th Symphony, 2nd movement

14/09/2003: Beethoven, 7th Symphony, 1st movement

3/10/2003: Beethoven, 5th Symphony, 3rd movement

13/10/2003: Beethoven, 7th Symphony, 3rd movement

7/12/2003: Beethoven, 5th Symphony, 4th movement

1/01/2004: Beethoven, 7th Symphony, 4th movement

25/01/2004: Beethoven, 6th Symphony (Pastoral), 5th movement

29/02/2004: Beethoven, 3rd Symphony (Eroica), 1st movement

16/03/2004: Beethoven, 3rd Symphony (Eroica), 2nd movement

2/04/2004: Beethoven, 6th Symphony (Pastoral), 1st movement

19/04/2004: Beethoven, 6th Symphony (Pastoral), 2nd movement

8/05/2004: Berlioz: A Critical Study of the Symphonies of Beethoven (original French text)

1/06/2004: Weber, Overture Euryanthe

1/07/2004: Weber, Jubel Overture

13/9/2004: Halévy, La Juive, Introduction to Act I; March from Act V

3/10/2004: Berlioz: A Critical Study of the Symphonies of Beethoven (English translation)

1/4/2008: Page on Berlioz and Liszt

1/4/2008: Page on Berlioz and Wagner (with a separate page of texts in the original German)

1/5/2021: Page on Berlioz and Wagner revised

1/6/2021: Page on Berlioz and Liszt revised

1/7/2021: Revision of the pages on Berlioz and Beethoven, Berlioz and Gluck, Berlioz and Halévy, Berlioz and Méhul, Berlioz and Meyerbeer, Berlioz and Spontini, Berlioz and Weber

1/8/2021: new and enlarged version of the home page of Berlioz: Predecessors and Contemporaries, with addition of scores in pdf format

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