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All pictures on this page have been scanned from items in our own collection. All rights of reproduction reserved.


Tabatière [snuff box] made in France in the 1840s


The image on the cover is a reproduction of Guérin’s famous paining: “Enée Raconte ses Avantures à Didon” [Aeneas relates his adventures to Dido]. Guérin’s painting was the inspiration behind one of the scenes in Les Troyens (Act 4, second tableau, N° 35 – Récitatif et quintette).


Vintage Louis-Hector Berlioz Centenary Crown Staffordshire pin dishes


Diameter of each plate: 10cm


Text on the box cover


Two porcelain plates

These plates, both made in France, measure approximately 23cm in diameter. The one the left is by AK Limoges [A. Klingenberg] in Limoges; the other by Guerillot & Conrade in Paris. They were commissioned by a hotel, named Le Berlioz.

Two porcelain plates – detail



[La Côte St André]



Coffee mug


Height: 9½ cm


Coffee mug

Height: 9½ cm


Coffee mug

Height: 9½ cm


Egg cup

Height: 5 cm


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